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Are Stem Cells Worth It?

Are Stem Cells Worth It?

Stem cell science has been explosive over the past decade, with a few caveats. As researchers delve deeper into the microscopic world of stem cells, we reap the benefits.


If you are like most people, you might be thinking of the ethical debates centered on stem cell therapy and the use of embryonic stem cells. Scientific research has come a long way since those days. Now you can enjoy the benefits of stem cells harvested from plants, bone marrow, and adipose (fat) tissue.

After scientists discovered adipose tissue is rich with mesenchymal stem cells, researchers began testing these stem cells in regenerative therapy applications. Rather than attempting to use live stem cells, cosmeceutical researchers studied growth factors and cytokines derived from stem cells.

Does your product contain stem cells or stem cell extracts? Most stem cell skincare products contain potent extracts from stem cells. This is due to the specific conditions required for stem cells to stay alive, making them unsuitable for a shelf stable product.

Often, cosmetic companies perform research to determine the specific anti-aging compounds that give stem cells their potency. Researchers formulate these extracts specifically for skincare related issues. You also need to consider the source of stem cell extracts.


Many people don’t realize that stem cells can be found in both plants and animals. Plant stem cells have been used extensively in skincare, while human stem cells are only beginning to reach their cosmetic research potential.

Products that advertise plant stem cells most likely only use the extracts. These extracts provide benefits similar to any antioxidant on the skin. Some plants high in antioxidants have provided beneficial proteins from their stem cells. Still, human stem cells showed more potential for skin rejuvenation.

Human stem cells are already programmed to heal human skin. Cytokines are chemical signals that promote skin rejuvenation. Now that cytokines and growth factors can be harvested more easily from human stem cells, scientists have noticed an improvement in skincare treatment results. When you use human stem cells, those chemicals can induce cellular regeneration and healing.


As you age, cellular turnover rates decrease, leaving your complexion less vibrant. Along with this slowdown, your body produces less collagen to support your skin, leading to wrinkles. Human stem cells can be harvested from fat and used to promote cellular regeneration by extracting unique components found only in stem cells.

Stem cells and certain combinations of stem cell proteins trigger the production of collagen and elastin in your skin to promote healing and regeneration of cells. When you receive skincare treatment with a high quality human stem cell product, the stem cell extracts will give your skin the firm support it needs.

As collagen and elastin increase beneath your skin, wrinkles and fine lines will fade and your complexion will improve. Stem cells can also repair damaged skin because of these healing properties. Your body recognizes the cytokines and responds with skin rejuvenation at the cellular level. Your skin will begin to regenerate fibroblasts needed to maintain a healthy complexion.


Recent improvements in nanotechnology have allowed skincare scientists to preserve unstable proteins for use in skin rejuvenation products. Even before this, you could use products with stem cell factors and antioxidants to improve your skin.

The potential for cellular rejuvenation has made stem cell therapy popular for skincare treatments. With the ability to harvest specific compounds from stem cells, patients are now seeing positive results from human stem cell therapy.

Patients report significant decreases in sun spots and wrinkles after using stem cell products. When you choose the right product, you can expect improved skin elasticity and texture along with the visual effects. You just have to know what kind of products you are receiving.


Skin forms an excellent protective barrier that can keep you from reaping the full potential of stem cell treatments. By using special treatments like microneedling, the stem cell extracts can work deep beneath the surface of the skin where they are needed. Stem cell derived products are also beneficial post-care when skin is sensitive and will more readily absorb the proteins.

FactorFive treatment ampoules can be included during microneedling to improve the look and health of the skin. These products bring the best factors and proteins available from stem cells to restore collagen and elastin to skin. The stem cell components will stimulate cellular regeneration and proliferation of new cells. This causes the complexion to appear younger and begins the process of reducing wrinkles. As your skin begins to heal, your body will produce more collagen and elastin to provide youthful structure to your face.


Plant stem cells have some limited applications for skincare. Human adipose derived stem cells are quickly becoming the gold standard in skincare anti-aging products. FactorFive skincare products have been developed to utilize these stem cells with the latest technology to stabilize powerful growth factors harvested from human stem cells.


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